We create integrated marketing strategies, content and an online presence to bring the right visitors to your site and turn them into loyal customers. It isn’t just about helping you get the next client or the next sale. It’s about generating qualified leads, helping building credibility and a personal connection with your target market, and creating a sustainable competitive advantage – one that rewards your bottom line on an on-going basis.

Linda Rosenberg Marketing Consulting provides strategic direction and marketing services to start-up and established businesses that want to:

  • Create a distinct identity in the market
  • Build a loyal customer base that identifies with their brand
  • Be found online and create a value-added user experience 
  • Think big and achieve big results, while retaining the personal feel of a smaller company


With over 25 years of marketing experience and a Wharton education, Linda has a successful track record launching new products and services, penetrating new markets, and driving significant growth for existing brands.  She has helped clients and employers in a variety of industries grow and increase profitability.   Experienced in working with Fortune 500 companies and smaller entrepreneurial firms, Linda integrates long-term vision with a practical approach as to how to get there.  Check out Linda’s portfolio.

  • Red Bull Energy Drink
  • Michael Rainy Dispute Resolution System
  • Jose Ole
  • Orvile Redenbacher's Popcorn
  • Analysis Team
  • STA Travel

“I want to thank you for giving us so much time and effort. We are so excited about the results. You are giving us well above and beyond our expectations. The exciting part is we are already seeing an increase in Mediations and Arbitrations.”

-Michael Rainey, Principal
Michael Rainey Dispute Resolution Services